Michelle and Clay’s Gorgeous Fall Wedding

I can’t believe I am getting to the age where my friends from high school are getting married.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Clay for a long time and we share lots of old skiing memories and good times.  The first time I heard about Clay’s special lady was when his mom came by my shop.  She told me right away that she thought Michelle was the one and that they were pretty serious!  This news made me so happy!

I am so thrilled for Clay and Michelle! She is so beautiful and these photos capture that beauty and it gives me butterflies looking through the album.  Meghan Bustard did SUCH an incredible job…such a hidden gem!  Here are a few of my favourites!….


Megan Bustard Photography


MichelleClayWeddingPart1-290 MichelleClayWeddingPart1-280 MichelleClayWeddingPart1-285

Megan Bustard Photography

MichelleClayWeddingPart1-146 MichelleClayWeddingPart1-127


MichelleClayWeddingPart1-298 MichelleClayWeddingPart1-265

MichelleClayWeddingPart1-308 MichelleClayWeddingPart1-305