Alice de Crom

Floralista is a brand that is born out of Alice’s lifetime love of botanicals. Alice has been surrounded by nature by virtue of her geography, the soft rolling hills of open farmland framed by the rhythmic backdrop of distant mountains, in scenic Fort Langley.  Alice had tactile, first hand experience with verdure through her family, who were professional horticulturalists, walking through her parents greenhouses as a toddler, guided and educated so that she could contribute. Alice has a keen eye for design, demonstrated by her strong personal aesthetic. Therefore, it was only natural for Alice to live out her passions through the art of curating and arranging flowers. Alice employs design principles such as colour, texture, and composition to reflect her environment and individual style. She has matured into a strong business woman, an artist, and a compassionate caretaker of plants. She has progressed from the nurseries of her youth to a woman in charge of large volumes of daily orders as well as executing special arrangements for weddings across the world.


The Studio

Every week we go through the process of selecting and buying our product. We source locally from a flower auction and through foraging, as well as importing specialty foreign growth from Peru, Holland, and Italy. We meticulously inspect each stem, clean and maintain them such that they meet Floralista’s uncompromising standards, and finally we create the design for our incredible customers. The preparation involves steps to keep our products fresh and design elements so that each accompaniment is complementary. Floralista’s mission is to create an experience that inspires an admiration for nature, is emotionally evocative the way that any art form partaken passionately should be, and to provide an accessible and sustainable option for our clients.