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Select your preferred colour palette and we'll design your custom boutonnière using a delicate, petite bud and textured foliage. Each boutonnière is unique and designed specifically for your special day, coordinating with the rest of the florals for your event (grad, same sex weddings, photoshoots, etc).


Each boutonnière is complete with ribbon (matching the bridal bouquet ribbon, if applicable). Please specify your preferred ribbon colour in the notes section of the order.


Your custom pieces will be wrapped and ready for you to pick-up on the day of your wedding. Please specify your desired pick-up date & time in the notes section of the order.


This is the perfect combination for any couple planning a small wedding or elopement, and a great option for photoshoots.


All boutonnieres are made with the finest seasonal materials with a preference for local and specialty flowers and foliage. Each piece is unique and designer's choice. We welcome design requests, but cannot guarantee specific materials.


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We've Launched a New Online Shop

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