Peperomia is a relatively easy, compact, and attractive little plant to grow. Although it may be tempting to think of Peperomia as succulents due to their thick, slightly succulent leaves, that would be a mistake because they prefer higher humidity and more water than most succulents.



Peperomia does well in light to moderate light, such as that found in a northern or east-facing window. They can be easily grown under fluorescent lights, making them appropriate for office settings. 



Keep the soil moist during the growing season. In the fall and winter, wait until the soil is dry to water the plant. You want the soil moist, but not soggy.


Temperature and Humidity

Peperomia do well in the relatively cool environment of most homes (although they dislike the dry air). Aim for 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Provide relatively high humidity through spraying or by setting the pot in a gravel tray filled with water.



Fertilize bi-weekly during the spring growing season with diluted liquid fertilizer or use controlled-release fertilizer pellets at the beginning of the growing season. Do not fertilize in the winter.


Potting and Repotting

Peperomia thrives when slightly potbound, so choose a smaller pot. Repot plants in spring, especially to refresh the existing soil, but place either back into the same size container after root-pruning or go up only one pot size. The largest Peperomia remain relatively small, so they will never grow into large specimen plants.



Most Peperomia species can be relatively easily propagated from leaf cuttings, similar to the way African violets are propagated. Remove large leaves with their stalks (petioles) and bury in seedling starting soil. Use of a rooting hormone ​can increase the odds of success. Place the cutting in a warm, bright place until new growth emerges.

Miniature Pepperomia Hope

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