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A first car is incredibly important to a young person; it represents a milestone in age, it’s a step towards freedom, and it is common to form a strong companionate bond with your car. This was certainly the case for me. I hunted my first car down. I saw a Chevette for the first time when I was eighteen and I was struck. My heart was set on finding one. I eventually came across a lovely candidate, named Kitty, in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. She was a cute robin’s egg blue. The previous owner was hesitant to part with Kitty, especially to such a young potential buyer, but my determination won him over. Unfortunately, Kitty broke down shortly thereafter. I was so particular about my first car because a car in general is such a strong expression of who you are, and the sense of identity attached to a first car is even stronger. I knew a Chevette suited me the moment I first saw one, and as I got to know Kitty, for our brief time together, I realized how many similarities this breed of car and I share: it’s style is cute and rustic, it requires an appreciation of the classic looks that can be found in the antique and our cultural past, and it is, at times, a little impractical!

I have spent the past five years searching for another Chevette. I was lucky enough to find a lovely, albeit a very particular, elderly Chevette owner named Gwen. Her Chevette was a sea mist green, was named Lucy inspired by the ‘I love Lucy’ show, and was known on a first name basis by most of the locals. I was enamoured by this local celebrity car who lived up to the drama of her namesake. Gwen had bought Lucy new and kept her in great condition. I began the wooing process, which involved several visits to prove my honest intentions, and a bouquet of flowers (obviously). Clearly my determination won out once again, and I am so happy to have a new Chevette to call my own! She is definitely still a celebrity in the hearts of those who can remember her in the height of her popularity, however I am perfectly happy to enjoy her in her golden years.

Chevette’s are full of character, and I wouldn’t be seen hauling my flowers around town in anything else. I am ecstatic and I absolutely love showing Lucy off!


A big thank you to Kelsey Pontaletta from Lumiere Photo Co. for all the amazing images.

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